Landscapes: reset, unwind, and become inspired

April 25, 2022

Landscape photography captures and showcases the beauty of nature throughout the world.  

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In 2015, I started traveling around the U.S. for work (I'm a project manager). During a trip to the the West Coast, I was awed by the beauty of the Puget Sound in Washington. From that trip, I started to travel with my camera. When traveling to a new location, I would plan a hike or an excursion to take in the local nature.  I visited 27 states in 5 years and was always wowed by the beauty I found in each new location. 

Before I found my love of photographing weddings, I was considering becoming a travel photographer. What fun would that be, always traveling and documenting the wondrous locations. I then discovered hiking and the joy of capturing breathtaking landscapes as I saw them so that I could forever remember that feeling of being in that location. 

“A photograph is an opportunity to keep a moment forever.” ― Destin Sparks

Now, I travel for fun and like to pick places that have awe-inspiring views with some hiking mixed in.  I find that going on a hike, getting fresh air, taking in nature has restorative effects. I'm able to clear my head, think of nothing but the nature around me (the smells, the colors, the birds). It is said that hiking reduces stress, calms anxiety, and can even lower risk of depression. I also read that spending time in nature enhances creativity especially when you incorporate using less technology. While hiking, I sit back and take it in. I then try to capture that moment with my camera. It gives me a chance to practice some new concepts, camera settings, composition, etc.

So what do I do with these amazing landscapes I have captured? Well, most of the time I post them to Facebook but recently I have created a gallery wall at home where I hang my favorite images of my travels. 

When I look at these images, I'm transported back to that moment I took the image or my feelings of the trip in general. When life gets crazy, I gaze back at some of my favorite trips and my stress melts away. Also, I'm able to better recall my adventures to friends when sharing with them the pictures and  tales of far off places. Landscape photography is something I do for me. It is my simple pleasure that brings me joy. 

What do you do for you?

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