Gretchen Decker Photography's Best of 2022

December 19, 2022

Wow, 2022 at Gretchen Decker Photography was amazing. All thanks to my wonderful clients. I has the privilege of capturing special moments at 10 weddings for Gretchen Decker Photography, 10 weddings as an associate photographer, and 18 other portrait sessions. I also participated in 3 photography workshops. 

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I capture some of the most precious moments and provide my clients beautiful portraits that they will cherish for a lifetime. 

To celebrate 2022, I'm going to share special moments from my 10 weddings in no particular order. I loved every moment of 2022 and I'm honored to have had the privilege to capture these special moments.  


2022 Special Moment #1.

One of my favorite images to capture for my couples is the look on the groom's face as he sees his beautiful bride walking down the aisle towards him. Seeing the groom's proud smile or sweet tears, gets me every time!

This is one of those such moments. I just loved the look of adoration on his face.  And I got the bride and her dad in the foreground. Such a moment to treasure. 

2022 Special Moment #2

Witnessing this couple's special moment of unity as they tied the knot, literally, was a very special wedding ritual that I got to experience for the first time. This couple incorporated hand-fasting into their ceremony. 

I highly recommend incorporating something unique and special in your wedding ceremony. 


2022 Special Moment #3

Photographing the couple at the end of the night when they were still beaming with joy is always something special to capture. They have partied all night with their closest family and friends and they are so happy and full of love. It make the hopeless romantic in me excited. I love including moments like this at the end of the wedding album, telling the story of the special day!

Always find a way to capture a special moment that ends the night to round out the story of the day.

2022 Special Moment #4

Some wedding traditions are too fun not to include and cake cutting is one of them! Not only is wedding cake yummy, it is fun to watch the couple figure out how to cut the cake. There is always the holding of one's breath to see if they will gently feed each other cake or smash it! Sharing in their joy is always fun for me. 

This adorable couple was no exception. They had some of the best facial expressions as they navigated cutting the cake. My tip, don't smash cake in your beautiful bride's face. But do smash it in the grooms face!! :)


2022 Special Moment #5

The first dance is always a beautiful moment between the couple. Many times, it is the first time they get to really talk to each other or have a few minutes to themselves - although in front of everyone! Every first dance is different.  I always try to find that one special moment that captures the essence of the moment. 

In this image, I love the expression on the couples faces, makes you wonder what they are saying to each other! No matter what, always incorporate a special first dance Into your wedding reception agenda. 

2022 Special Moment #6

Capturing the emotion on the couple's faces as they say their vows is also a special moment I feel excited in capturing. It helps to tell the story of the wedding day and the love story of the couple. No matter when or where a couple is getting married, capturing the special moments is something I enjoy doing. It will allow the couple to look back later and remember that moment. 

If you are having a big wedding, a small wedding, or eloping, I recommend always hiring a photographer to capture the day and tell your wedding story. 

Untitled photo

2022 Special Moment #7

Magical bride and groom portraits are a must capture. I made sure each couple makes time no matter the timeline of the day to take a few moments to themselves. This is typically during the couples portraits time of the wedding. I ensure each couple has at the very least one portrait of themselves from the day. This is something that can be printed and displayed for years to come.

This is a time I also use for my couples to take a little breather between the ceremony and the reception. I send away all the family, friends, and bridal party leaving the couple to relax and enjoy their special photo time.              

2022 Special Moment #8

There are many moments to capture during a wedding. While all eyes are on the couple, I am looking at everyone. Capture a special look or smile from guests is a fun way to add perspective to the story for the couples. Catching the pride and joy in a parent's eye is always an amazing moment.

As I was scanning the family and friends during this ceremony, I caught this Mom at the same time she caught me. She was so happy the entire day. I just love her smile here. 


2022 Special Moment #9

We can't forget capturing the moment of the first kiss! This is always a fun one to capture because you never know how that first kiss is going to be - will it be a quick peck on the lips, a full in the moment kiss, a kiss and a hug - the possibilities are endless. What ever the type of kiss, I say go for it! 

I loved this moment when the magistrate said "You may kiss your bride". The look on their daughter's face cracked me up. 

2022 Special Moment #10

Sometimes the day gets busy and time flies by in the blink of an eye. It can be hard to stick to a specific agenda but one thing to remember is to take moment and grab a photo of just the bride and just the groom. Each spends time picking out the best outfit and accessories and it's important to document that part of the story too. 

During this session, the bride and I took a quiet moment to capture some pretty photos of her, the dress, and the flowers. Now when they look back on their photos, they will remember how magical the day was with the perfect dress. 


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