Wedding Photography Myths

March 21, 2022

I enjoy chatting with brides about their wedding days. I love hearing how excited they get telling me about all the details of their special day. One thing that I also enjoy doing is helping brides feel good about making the decision to hire a photographer.  One way I help is with planning the timeline so we can fit in all the great photographs they want to have captured.Another way I help brides feel at ease with hiring a photographer  is debunking a few misconceptions that they have heard or read.

The reason I got into photographing weddings is that I feel that it is important to document special events in our lives. Hiring a photographer allows you to have those special moments captured with peace of mind. 

Myth: The more pictures the better

I often get asked how many pictures will be in the wedding gallery. I don't promise a certain number of photos as every wedding is different. Some are an hour long and others can be up to ten hours long. Instead, I let brides know that I document the day as it unfolds and capture the details and moments that will tell the story of their special day. I want to provide the best quality to my brides and their families. Instead of quoting or promising a set number of images, I always get a list of "must have" shots to capture. These can be things like a photo with grandma and grandpa or college besties - anything goes! 

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Myth: You must have two photographers to capture the day

This is a "it depends" answer. Having a second photographer has it benefits but isn't always necessary for every wedding. It can depend on your budget, location, and types of photos you want.

For me, I tend to suggest a second photographer when the bride and groom want to have getting ready photos before the ceremony and they are in separate locations. It helps to have one photographer with the groom and groomsmen and the other with the bride and bridesmaids. 

It can also depend on your specific wedding. If you are getting married at the courthouse then one photographer is plenty to capture the details. But I can easily capture all the moments at any wedding as the photographer because I have extreme attention to detail and enjoy capturing moments that tell the story of the day. 

Myth: No need to hire a photographer if you aren't having a traditional wedding

Every bride, groom, and family should have beautiful photos that tell the story of their special day no matter the type of wedding.  Some of my favorite weddings have been intimate weddings in the park or at the courthouse. 

I also love capturing wedding moments of older couples getting married. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, you deserve to have your day documented. These moments only happen once and you will want to remember them. The best way to remember these moments is to have them photographed. 

Providing the story of the wedding day to my couples brings a smile to my face, especially the couples that thought they didn't want or need photos. I am like a kid at Christmas when I see my couples faces the first time they see their wedding story. It's the best! 


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