3 Tips to Share with your Wedding Guests

November 14, 2022

Over the years as a wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of be a part of various types and size of ceremonies and receptions to capture special moments.  During these ceremonies and receptions, I have also observed many wedding guests. 

Wedding days go by in a blur and many couples rely on their professional photographers to capture the details and special moments of the day so that they may look back and remember the day. 

Based on my observations, I have three quick tips for wedding guests to help the day go smoothly for everyone. It's an exciting time and I want to make sure everyone is part of the special day. 

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Wedding Guest Tip #1: Unplugged Ceremony

My first tip is around an "unplugged" ceremony. An unplugged ceremony is where you post a sign or have someone announce that guests should save their picture taking for the reception. Many have announced that the couple has hired a professional photographer to capture the moments and  the couple will share photos. 

I have also seen signs asking guests to respect an unplugged ceremony. Being unplugged during the ceremony allows guests to be in the moment and share the special exchange between the couple. 

As a guest, you also don't want to be "that person" that blocks the epic shot of the professional photographer or distracts the couple while the pro is trying to capture a beautiful portrait. 

Wedding Guest Tip #2: Don't block the Pro

My second tip is all about letting the professional photograph do what they do best, set up posing and take pictures. Similar to not being "that person" and getting in the way during the ceremony, same goes for the portrait session after the ceremony. 

It's a super exciting time, your favorite person looks beautiful or handsome during their wedding and you want to capture that moment too. I get it! We love pictures. 

I highly suggest that you leave the pro to do what they were hired to do. This means standing back while the photographer sets up the couple or the family grouping. Don't direct. It makes it hard when multiple people are directing, it causes confusion and frustration for the couple. Let the photographer do the direction and snap a photo from a different angle. 

Also, don't jump in front of the photographer and make them wait while you grab a shot. You can easily grab the shot from the side or slightly behind the photographer. By jumping in front and making the photographer wait, you could be causing a delay in an already really tight timeline. The couple and the Photographer have the timeline planed down to the minute and you don't want to cause your favorite couple additional stress or anxiety. 

If you want a special shot, either ask the photographer if it can be squeezed in or wait until the reception when there is more time and space for fun photos. 


Wedding Guest Tip #3: No Flash Photography

If you love photography as much as I do, you want to get all the best shots that are well lit! A wedding reception is a great place to learn various lighting skills or experimenting in various lighting situations. However, save your flash photography skills for another time or later in the night when the professional photographer has finished. 

This is especially important during special moments such as the first dance or the father/daughter or mother/son dances. The professional photographer has set up special lighting or flashes to capture these precious moments and your flash could throw off  the photographers precisely timed shot. We are hired to document and capture these special moments to help the couple and their family remember these moments that go by in a blur. 

I love everyones passion when it comes to photography but during a wedding, let the hired professional do all the hard work. You are there to have fun and enjoy the celebration. 

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