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June 20, 2022

There are apps for everything! As a photographer and small business owner, I am always on the look out for apps or processes that keep me on track and productive. As photographers, we are running all over the place, balancing multiple sessions, and doing all that fun stuff that comes with running a business. 

I'm also a Project manager (that's a story for another day) and one of my favorite tools as a project manager is a kanban board. A kanban board is a way to visualize your work. It is made up of a board with columns, and cards (typically sticky notes!). There are many types of kanban boards but the starting point or most basic one has three columns - Backlog, In Progress, Done. 

The idea is to put your work or things you need to complete on a card and move it from the backlog column to the in progress column to the done column. Ideally, you set up a limit for the in-progress column so that you don't get overwhelmed with work. For example, you might set a limit of items in the in-progress column to 3. This means that if you are working on 3 things, you can't pull something from your backlog until you move one of the three in-progress items to done. 

Ok, so this is supposed to be about my favorite app so cue the app!Trello is one of my daily, favorite apps that I use to manage my photography sessions. Trello has both an web and app version. I use the app version everyday. I have multiple columns set up for my photography process - Booked, Session Completed, Processing, Delivery, and Done.  This allows me to instantly view where my session are at, and keeps me on task to process sessions and get them delivered to my clients. 

I can't show you my client dashboard, but I can show you an example of a trello bard with my book board!

Untitled photo

In this example, my "Books: Must Read!" is my backlog of books that are on my shelve that I want to read. "Books in Progress" are the books I'm currently reading - I'm reading too many at one time! Once I complete a book, I move it to the "Done" column. 

Trello boards can be used for anything including your tasks around the house. Whatever you use it for, the concept is to visualize your work, and keep yourself on task by starting less at one time and finishing more. There is much more you can do with Trello and kanban boards but this is the high-level view to get you started. 

If you want to get organized and get more things done, I recommend researching Trello and Kanban boards. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions. 

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